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Trademarks & Patents

Protecting inventions, designs, branding, and goods and services is critical to the success of a business starting up.
Registering your IP rights is an important investment, when starting a business in the China, which generates significant practical, commercial and legal benefits.

When starting a business in China, you should consider


A monopoly protection of a new invention capable of industrial application ​


Marks used to differentiate your goods and are capable of registration


To protect the appearance of a purely functional product and are capable of registration


Protects the form of expression of ideas and, while not capable of registration, is often asserted with the ‘©’ mark


Practical information resulting from experience and testing that can be protected as confidential information to maintain its secrecy and therefore is not capable of registration


Goodwill, custom and exclusive right to carry on a business under the business name. Goodwill is not strictly an IP right and is not capable of registration