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Business Process Review

Once you have taken the time to document your company’s business processes through current state mapping, a business process review should be conducted.

This review should involve key business users, department management, and an expert business process improvement consultant. It is important to have an outsider, like Financeren, so they can provide an independent opinion of the process.

How to Determine If Your Business Processes Add Value?

When you conducted your business process analysis, you looked at several parts of your business as-is. Now, it is time for these processes to be reviewed. Then, the team needs to ask:

  • Do these business processes add value to our business? streamlined?, automated processes?
  • Is there waste in our business processes?
  • Are their redundancies in the processes and data such as the utilization of data entry versus more
  • In the business process mapping phase of the BPI project, users and management identify the key performance metrics used in managing the business day-to-day.

The solutions identified by Financeren during the Business Process Review help to reduce costs and provide a more efficient use of your resources. 

This can be accomplished by finding more efficient ways to perform various functions or by removing unnecessary steps and resources within the process.

The review helps to define:

  • Critical Success Factors – the areas where an organization must perform well in order to be successful
    • Strategic focus
    • Resources
    • Change management
    • Top-down commitment
    • Bottom-up (functional) support
  • Existing or potential problems within a particular area
  • Potential solutions

We then take the following steps to improve your performance:

  • Measure your performance against globally competitive criteria
  • Determine the most efficient way for your organization to perform its necessary functions
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce costs
  • Share data and information
  • Use of Information Technology (IT): right place at right time
  • Reuse technology
  • Integrate departmental systems
  • Enable ongoing measurement of the processes

At the highest level, the process can be viewed in three steps:

  • Document current processes and data flow (specific processes)
  • Improve the processes (analysis, prototype, or simulation)
  • Implement & manage the process (measurements, accountability, communication)

Some Other Methodologies:

  • Overview of the process
  • Re-engineering Framework
  • Project Activities
  • Process Analysis
  • Observation and Interviewing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Modeling Techniques
  • Facilitated Group Decision Making Technique